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Cranes & Hoists

GA700-Crane, A1000-Crane, CR700- Antisway

  • 200 V Class, 0.4 to 110 kW
  • 400 V Class, 0.4 to 315 kW
  • Specialized high-performance drives for cranes. Our number one priority at Yaskawa Electric Corporation is to always keep the customers perspective in mind by leading the industry in meeting demands with uncompromising quality and trust. Our new CR700 was developed to further optimize cranes based on the concepts of Flexible, Easy, Sustainable. Yaskawa can now deliver the most ideal solutions for various tasks related to the operation of cranes, including brake sequences that have evolved from the technologies we have developed to date.
    Key Features
    Functional Features
    • Anti-sway function. The CR700 crane drive has a built-in cargo swing suppression function
    • Travel Limit and Contact Position Function
    • Crane Maintenance Monitors
    • Synchronized position control
    • High-speed operation at light loads
    • Load balance function without encoder
    Reduce set-up time
    • Start-up wizard
    • Favorite parameter/monitor function
    • Copy function integrated into the keypad
    • Parameter set is backward compatible with previous generation drive products
    • Fast navigation
    • Parameter description
    Drive parameter management
    • Storage of up to 4 drive parameter sets
    • Data logging with real time stamp e.g. for fault analysis, load profile analysis etc. (up to 32 GB on a Micro SD card)
    • Fault logging with real time stamp for better analysis
    • Multiple parameter storage
    • Automatic parameter back-up
    Easy to use
    • LCD keypad with Bluetooth® option
    • Display contrast control
    • Real-time clock with time stamp
    • Tactile feel buttons
    • Remote mounting of keypad using standard RJ45 extension cable

    Application / Industry

    • Cranes with Anti-sway


    CR700-Antisway Technical Catalog

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