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Industrial Matrix Drives

3 Phase 200V, 3.7kW to 45kW
3 Phase 400V, 2.2kW to 500kW

The U1000 is a highly efficient AC drive based on Yaskawa matrix technology. With full power regeneration capability, the U1000 offers great energy saving potential while sinusoidal input currents and a near unity power factor reduce stress on grid components like transformers and power lines. With a compact footprint, the U1000 is the first choice for innovative, energy-efficient drive solutions with or without power regeneration.

Key Features
  • Full Regeneration
  • Low Input Distortion Across a Wide Load and Speed Range
  • Facilitate IEEE 519 Compliance
  • Eco-Mode to Achieve Near Across-the-Line THD
  • High Efficiency Design Provides Extra Energy Savings as Compared to Other Low Harmonic Solutions
  • Near Unity True Power Factor at Full Load
  • Integrated Input Fusing Provides 100kA SCCR
    Compact Design
  • High Reliability with an MTBF of 28 Years
  • Embedded Modbus RTU Communications
  • Removable Terminal Block
  • High Carrier Frequency (Low Motor Noise) Capability
  • 0-400 Hz Output Frequency
  • 120% Overload for 60 Seconds (ND)
  • 150% Overload for 60 Seconds (HD)
  • Multi-language LCD Display with Copy function
  • Start into Spinning Load (Speed Search)
  • Both Induction and Permanent Magnet Motor Control
  • Closed or open loop vector control for outstanding regulation, torque production, and position control capability
  • Continuous Auto-tuning optimizes performance by compensating for changes in motor temperature
  • High Frequency Injection enables high precision open loop control of Interior Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Fast acting current and voltage limiters help achieve continuous drive operation during periods of excessive demand
  • Communication options for all major industrial networks provides high speed control and monitoring, reducing installation cost
  • DriveWizard Plus computer software and Application Sets for easy configuration
  • Embedded Safe Torque Off minimizes downtime for applications requiring occasional intervention (SIL CL3, PLe, Category 3)
  • Embedded function blocks, programmable with DriveWorks EZ, provide additional application flexibility and the opportunity to eliminate separate controllers
  • USB Copy Unit and Keypad configuration storage provide speed and convenience for duplicate configuration of multiple drives
  • Made with RoHS compliant materials

Application / Industry

Energy saving & Low Harmonic
  • Parking Solution
  • Tower Cranes
  • Escalators
  • Elevators
  • Decanters & Centrifugal seperators
  • Automatic vertical storage systems
  • Press Application
  • Pumps
  • Cooling towers
  • HVAC
  • Compressors and many more
U1000 Technical Catalog

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