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Advanced Vector control & IoT Drive

200 V CLASS, 0.4 to 110 kW
400 V CLASS, 0.4 to 355 kW

The Yaskawa GA700 drive provides the ultimate combination of power, ease of use, flexibility, and performance. In addition to its exceptional torque production and precise control, you’ll enjoy effortless setup with GA700’s high-resolution display and connection to your favorite mobile device. Whether you need simple control, advanced network communications, or functional safety, look no further than GA700 for all your variable speed needs.

Key Features
  • One drive controlling any induction, permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance motor
  • Closed or open loop vector control for outstanding regulation and torque production.
  • Fast acting motor control functions provide near tripless operation.
  • Popular network connections provide robust control and monitoring with system controllers.
  • Embedded Auxiliary Control Power Input (24V) maximizes production time and efficiency by maintaining network communication while main power is removed.
  • Embedded Safe Torque Off minimizes downtime for applications requiring occasional intervention (SIL CL3, PLe, Category 3).
  • Integrated DC Reactor (30kW ND and above) improves power quality and compatibility.
  • Integrated 12 Pulse version provides a cost effective solution for low harmonics.
  • Integrated Brake Transistor (up to 90kW ND) for cost effective heavy braking.
  • Reduced set-up time with an intuitive keypad, navigation and start-up wizards
  • Keypad with 4 parameter backup function, real time clock, data logger and copy unit
  • High resolution multi-language display with Setup Wizards and Data-Logging.
  • Bluetooth and DriveWizardMobile for convenient and easy interaction.
  • Programming without main power through embedded USB port.
  • DriveWizard Desktop for comprehensive configuration and monitoring.
  • DriveWorks EZ (embedded function blocks) provides extra flexibility, otherwise accomplished in a separate controller.
  • Standard conformal coating helps resist contamination.
  • Made with RoHS compliant materials for environmental compliance.

Application / Industry

Heavy Duty Application

  • Hoists
  • Conveyor
  • Compressor
  • Conveyors
  • Extruders
  • Punching press
  • Winder
  • Machine tools
  • Food & Beverage
  • Packaging And Many more
Normal Duty Application
  • HVAC
  • Fan
  • Pump and Many more


GA700 Technical Catalog

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    GA700 Technical Specification

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