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HHP Solution

LV Modular AC Drives

460 V , 263 to 1200 kW (HD)
575/690 V, 300 to 1500 kW (HD)

YASKAWA’s inverter drives for system applications are industrial variable speed drives. For enhanced performance and functions, the priority throughout the development stage has been given on high quality and high reliability. The A1000-HHP series is the culmination of YASKAWA’s many decades of technological expertise.
This is the most advanced inverter drive that can meet the wide range of requirements that include compactness, reduced maintenance, network compliance, user-friendliness and flexibility. To update existing systems as well as to efficiently install new systems, YASKAWA offers the ultimate variable speed system with the A1000-HHP series of inverter drives with a wide range of capacities from small to large.

Key Features
  • The drive is of modular design with separate converter and inverter sections installed in a common enclosure.
  • These sections can be paralleled to increase capacity to 2250 amps at 400 and 690 volts.
  • The Desired power level is achieved by adding converter/Inverter module in parallel
  • Slide-rail construction techniques permit easy access for maintenance, removal or replacement
  • The A1000HHP features a standard non-regenerative front end and easily support at a 12pulse for reduced harmonic
  • A regenerative front end is available as an option, which will meet IEEE-519 harmonic specifications.
    The drive incorporates versatile control modes in one product; traditional V/Hz, open loop vector, and closed loop flux vector. Open loop for PM , Advanced open loop for PM. Closed loop for PM
    Optional interface boards provide a wide range of control, monitoring, and diagnostic communication capabilities for integration from plant floor to supervisory level systems.
  • The drive provides increased versatility in installations of up to 1350kW for 400V & 1750 for 690V, including pumps and Industrial fans, chillers, pulp and paper manufacturing, mining industry conveyors, rock crushers and extruders, Mining, Metals , Oil and gas etc

Application / Industry

  • Cement
  • Sugar
  • Steel
  • Paper And Many more


HHP Solution Technical Catalog

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    HHP Solution Technical Specification

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