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Varispeed G7

3 Level control method

200 V CLASS 0.4 TO 110 kW
400 V CLASS 0.4 TO 300 kW

This innovative drive utilizes 3 level control to offer the best solution for challenging installations. Yaskawa is the only manufacturer to offer a low voltage drive with this architecture. 3 level technology minimizes drive induced problems associated with long motor cables and premature motor bearing failures. In addition, overall electrical noise is greatly reduced, resulting in the most problem free installations. Not only does the Yaskawa G7 deliver this exclusive advantage, but it also provides high flexibility and excellent vector performance for control of speed, torque, and position, available in ratings through 300kW

Key Features
  • The First Product in the world which works on 3-Level Control Method
  • Accurate Torque control which protects the machine from sudden load fluctuations.
  • High speed search function save the recovery time during momentary Power loss.
  • Low Surge voltage, Low Electrical noise, Low Acoustic noise and Leakage current is greatly reduced
    Energy Saving control performance reduces the operational cost
  • LCD keypad display: 5 lines x 16 characters, backlit, 7 languages, copy function
  • Support Global Field bus Networks
  • Certified under UL/cUL and CE
  • Overload capacity: Heavy duty, 150% for 1 minute, 200% peak
  • Starting torque: 150% at frequency;
    1.0Hz (V/f), 0.5Hz (open loop vector), 0.0Hz (closed loop vector)
  • Output frequency: 0.01 to 400 Hz
  • Output frequency resolution: 0.001 Hz
  • Speed regulation:
    1.0% (V/f), 0.2% (open loop vector),
    0.01% (closed loop vector)
  • Speed reference resolution:
    0.01 Hz with digital reference,
    0.03 Hz with analog reference,
    0.01 Hz with network reference
  • Speed/Torque Control
  • Zero-servo mode
  • Adjustable accel/decel: 0.01 to 6000 seconds
  • S-Curve: 0.00 to 2.50 seconds, adjustable for each corner
  • Stall prevention: Accel / decel / running
  • Power loss ride-thru: Auto-restart or inertia ride-thru
  • Can be utilized with 12 pulse system

Application / Industry

Industrial Machinery
  • Paper Manufacturing Machines
  • Transportation
  • Pumps & Fans
  • Metal machining tools
  • Electromagnetic stirrer
  • Reclaimers
    And Many more

Consumer Equipments

  • Public facilities
  • Utility application
  • Medical equipments
  • Food processing machines
  • Commercial Machinery
    And Many more


Varispeed G7 Technical Specification

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