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Super Energy saving Medium Voltage AC Drive

3 kV Class, 200 kVA to 3700 kVA
6 kV Class, 400 kVA to 7500 kVA
11 kV Class, 660 kVA to 5000 kVA

Compact, High-Performance, Energy-Saving, and User Friendly, delivers outstanding value. In 1996, Yaskawa introduced Japan’s first commercially produced medium-voltage drives with multiple outputs connected in series and continues development of energy saving and high-reliability technologies until today. Yaskawa has led the industry in the field of low-voltage drives since our launch of the world’s first transistor drive in 1974 by coming up with a series of groundbreaking technologies. Now we are introducing completely new medium-voltage drives to our lineup, following the concept of amalgamating a medium-voltage drive. These new drives comply with the main global standards and help energy-saving all over the world. Like a four-leaf clover that brings good luck, the FSDrive-MV1000 offers the four benefits of compactness, high performance, energy savings, and user friendliness. 

Key Features
  • Compact design which produces a very competitive footprint across the entire power range in a NEMA enclosure (filtered and gasketed)
  • Using the Yaskawa Smart Harmonics™ Technology ensuring very low THD, without the need for additional filters
  • Unique output stage using an enhanced Cascaded H-Bridge configuration reduces the number of power cells by half, providing a very clean output waveform to the motor.
  • Advanced control features providing high performance including Open Loop Vector Control and excellent Energy Saving capabilities
  • Digital Operator with an easy-to-view LCD display (same as used on the A1000 series LV drives)
  • Communication options for all major industrial networks provides high speed control and monitoring, reducing installation cost
  • DriveWizard™ plus MV computer software and Application Sets for easy configuration
    USB Copy Unit and Keypad configuration storage provide speed and convenience for duplicate configuration of multiple drives
  • High quality design, with an expected field MTBF greater than 200,000 Hours (22.8 years)
  • USB Copy Unit and Keypad configuration storage provide speed and convenience for duplicate configuration of multiple drives

Application / Industry

Constant Torque Loads
  • Extruder
  • Conveyor
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Banbury mixer
  • Machine Tools And many more
Variable Torque Loads
  • Fan
  • Blowers
  • Pump equipments And Many more


MV1000 Techical Catalog

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    MV1000 Technical Specification

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