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Spot Welding​

YASKAWA has unique Robot Models to optimize high-density robot placement in automotive body shops. Digital interface to Spot Timers allow programming from robot teach pendant reducing time in process.​

Spot Welding system specifications​

  • The YASKAWA Spot welding systems are specifically designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability in complex spot-welding applications.
  • As one of the leading manufacturers of spot-welding robots, YASKAWA offers numerous models covering a wide range of payloads and reaches. In cooperation with our OEMs, we have developed innovative robots and solutions to improve production with minimum cycle time
  • For high volume manufacturers who need to perform thousands of spot welds per shift, welding cycle time is critical. A YASKAWA spot welding robot can position the welding gun with extreme accuracy and speed, saving off critical seconds in the welding cycle time and thus increasing productivity. 

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