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Advanced Path & Process Control​
  • Patented multiple robot control; up to 8 robots/72 axes with coordinated motion between devices​
  • – Application flexibility​
    – Higher productivity​​
    – Lower integration costs​
  • Available with Category 3 Functional Safety Unit (FSU).
  • High reliability and energy efficiency​
  • Improved maintainability, reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)​
  • Advanced Robot Motion (ARM) control provides high performance, best-in-class path planning and dramatically reduces teaching time.​
  • Small, lightweight Windows® CE programming pendant features color touch screen with multiple window display capability.​


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      Technical Specifications DX200


      Manipulator Model-Large Models

      MC2000II, MPL80II, MPL100II

      Manipulator Model-Painting Models

      MPX1150, MPX1950, MPX2600, MPX3500, MHP45L, MP010

      Dimensions (W x D x H)-Large Models

      600 x 520 x 730mm

      Dimensions (W x D x H)-Painting Models

      Without transformer: 600 x 520 x 1060mm
      With built-in transformer: 600 x 520 x 1340mm

      Approx. Mass-Large Models


      Approx. Mass-Painting Models

      Without transformer: 150kg
      With built-in transformer: 250kg

      IEC Protection Class


      Programming Pendant

      Dimensions (W x D x H) 

      Standard pendant

      Intrinsically safe pendant

      169 x 50 x 314.5mm

      235 x 78 x 203mm

      Approx. Mass

      Standard endant

      Intrinsically safe pendant



      IEC Protection Class

      Standard pendant

      Intrinsically safe pendant



      External Interface

      CF slot (1 slot), USB Port (USB1.1, 1 port)


      Number of Controlled Manipulators

      Up to 8 manipulators

      Number of Controlled Axes

      Up to 72 axes

      Number of Simultaneous JOBs – Large Models

      16 JOBs 

      Number of Simultaneous JOBs – Painting Models

      18 JOBs 

      Number of Controlled Groups

      Up to 32 groups


      Up to 8 groups (R1 to R8)


      Up to 8 groups (B1 to B8)


      Up to 24 groups (S1 to S24)

      Programming Capacity

      JOB: 200,000 steps, 10,000 instructions

      CIO Ladder

      20,000 steps (max.)


      System Input: 4096 (max.)

      System Output: 4096 (max.)

      Max. Lenght of JOB Name

      Up to 32 digits

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