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Fast and Efficient Handling
  • The MOTOMAN GP25 is a compact and flexible handling robot which provides a payload of 25 kg.
  • Easy set-up and maintenance and a wrist structure with great environment resistance improve efficiency in installation, operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Offers improved acceleration/deceleration control for all robot positions resulting in overall improved productivity.
  • Hollow upper arm provides optimal cable protection and longer life while simplifying programming.
  • The small footprint, slim arm design allows for minimum installation space and minimizes interference with peripheral devices.
  • High wrist allowable moment for accurate and repeatable handling.
  • Increased 25 kg payload, as well as increased moment and inertia ratings over previous models, allow larger and heavier loads to be carried by the robot.
  • Single power and control cable reduces wiring time and increases work efficiency.
  • Food-grade lubricant option available for food or consumer product packaging environments.

Application / Industry

Programming Options

Compatible Controller

Technical Specifications

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