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Sigma Σ-7C Two-Axis Servo pack with Built-in Controller

The performance and easy usability of Yaskawa’s MP3300 Machine Controllers and Two-Axis SERVOPACKs have made them very popular with our customers.
The Σ-7C SERVOPACKs now combine the best of both in a conceptually new type of product. These epoch-making products provide the ideal configuration to control small-scale equipment and mechanisms to meet the increasing needs of component downsizing, equipment modularization, and system distribution.

Key Features
  • You can use Σ-7C SERVOPACKs for equipment modularization or for distributed control systems. This reduces the burden of designing software when, for example, part of the equipment changes or there are changes to some of the equipment built into a line
  • Up to six axes can be configured (two internal axes plus four external axes*2 connected via MECHATROLINK-III).
  • Standard I/O provides 16 discrete inputs, 16 discrete outputs, and 1 pulse input channel
    The I/O required for equipment control*3 and an Ethernet port*4 are provided as standard features to allow you to build a small-scale equipment system based around just this one unit (no PLC required).
  • High-speed response frequency of 3.1 kHz has been achieved.
  • High-speed I/O used for the Controller Function Module.
  • The command/response delay is minimized with the two internal axes.
  • No battery is required for the Controller Function Module, which reduces the time and cost of periodic replacement.
  • Protective functions have been improved for outputs to the Controller Function Module.
  • MPE720 version 7 and SigmaWin+ are used as the Engineering Tools.

Application / Industry


  • Gantry
  • Packaging
  • Conveyor
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Machine Tools
  • Food & Beverage
  • Printing Machines
  • Textiles
  • Medical Devices and Many more


Technical Catalog

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