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MP3000 Series Machine Controller

The MP3300 Machine Controller makes it possible to combine the Base Unit and CPU modules to match the customer’s control scale and control panel size. Combination with the Σ-7 Series of AC Servo Drives realizes e-motional motion control the customer’s system. The MP3300 machine controller in the MP3000 series enables the industry’s fastest synchronous scanning. By using it in combination with the Σ-7 series of AC servo drives, our customers can make the best use of systems with motion control offering a whole new range of exciting possibilities.

Key Features
  • Double-precision real-number, 64-bit integer data for higher precision.
  • Expanded program capacity to up to 15MB.
  • Fastest transmission cycle: 125 μs (4 stations).
  • Program applications for the MP2000 series can be converted and used with the MP3000 series.
  • Maximum number of controlled axes is 256 axes (when optional modules are used, or when racks are expanded)
  • Slot Expansion of 3 , 5 and up to 8 Racks
  • Built-In Ethernet × 1 port: 100 Mbps
  • Backup/restore of project files, data logging, import/export of register data.
  • The MP3300 can control large-scale systems with 32 servo-drive axes for a maximum of 42 stations per circuit.
  • Switching between four control modes i.e. Synchronous Phase Control, Torque Control, Speed Control and Position Control.
  • MPE720 Ver. 7 engineering tool integrates the engineering environments for servo, inverter, and I/O devices into a single software package. This enables all-in-one engineering from setup to maintenance of drive units connected to an MP3000 series machine controller via the MECHATROLINK network.

Application / Industry


  • Packaging plants
  • Gantry Control
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Machine Tools
  • Food & Beverage
  • Printing Machines And Many more


Technical Catalog

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