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Next-Generation Robot Controller

  • Building on the success of the powerful DX200 controller, the YRC1000 is faster and more precise.
  • This next-generation controller provides operators and service staff with powerful functionality while retaining the proven controller performance Yaskawa is known for.
  • The YRC1000 uses the lightweight standard teach pendant, or it can be utilized with the easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant on the Motomini, GP4, GP7 and GP8 Robot Models.


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      Technical Specifications YRC1000


      Manipulator Model – Small Model

      AR700, AR900, AR1440, AR1440E, AR1730, AR2010, 

      HC1ODT, HC2ODT, GP4, GP7, GP8, GP12, GP25, GP25-12

      Manipulator Model – Large Model

      SP80, SP100, SP100B, SP130, SP165, SP165-105, SP210, SP235, SP110H, SP180H, SP180H-110, SP225H, SP225H-135, SP150R. SP185R, GP2OHL, GP35L, GP50, GP88, GP110, GP110B, GP180, GP180-120, GP215, GP225, GP250, GP280, GP400, GP600, GP165R, GP200R, GP300R. GP400R, PL190, PL320, PL500, PL800

      Dimensions (W x D x H) – Small Model

      598 x427 x490mm

      Dimensions (W x D x H) – Large Model

      598 x427 x490mm

      Approx. Mass – Small Model

      70kg max.

      Approx. Mass – Large Model

      85kg max.

      IEC Protection Class


      Programming Pendant

      Dimensions (W x D x H) 

      152 x49.5 x300mm

      Approx. Mass


      IEC Protection Class


      External Interface

      SD slot (1 slot) USB Port (USB2.0, 1 port)


      Number of Controlled Manipulators

      Up to 8 manipulators

      Number of Controlled Axes

      Up to 72 axes

      Number of Simultaneous JOBs

      16 JOBs 

      Number of Controlled Groups

      Up to 32 groups


      Up to 8 groups (R1 to R8)


      Up to 8 groups (B1 to B8)


      Up to 24 groups (S1 to S24)

      Programming Capacity

      JOB: 200,000 steps, 10,000 instructions

      CIO Ladder

      20,000 steps (max.)


      System Input: 4096 (max.)

      System Output: 4096 (max.)

      Max. Lenght of JOB Name

      Up to 32 digits

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