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YASKAWA is always committed to Complete Customer Satisfaction for every customer at each stage of the product life cycle.

YASKAWA India has built and will continue to develop Customer Service Network to ensure that products constantly operate in top condition and contribute to high productivity.

Conforming to the spirit of “360 Degree TOTAL SOLUTION SUPPORT”, YASKAWA provides services & replacement parts throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our support program provides around the clock assistance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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Diverse Support Offerings

In an emergency, we know that time is of the highest value, to provide you with value-added services to minimize the down time, online consultation function supports you with your integration and engineering solution queries.

Experienced engineers quickly respond to customer’s questions and requests for service.

During emergency situations you’ll receive:

Priority case handling
Personal support backed by a fast and competent network of specialists
Unique ticket code for the requests
Ticket updates via Email and SMS

We also provide highly advanced service portal where customers can raise queries.
Service Quick https://service.yaskawaindia.in



While YASKAWA Robots are highly reliable, you may still require rapid, on-site support for programming, maintenance, repairs, and system audits.

Our highly trained field Service Engineers are strategically located throughout the India to ensure reliable long-term Robot and Robot system performance.

High first-time fix rate.
Scheduled maintenance packages tailored to each customer’s needs
Grease analysis and torque sampling

Minimize the “Downtime” and keep your “Product Running” We ensure to keep your robots running while production without any breakdown, with readily available full stock of spare parts for all type of YASKAWA controllers and robots at your nearest location, present 24×7 YASKAWA India is the 100% subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Japan.

There are no other authorized dealers in India who deal with YASKAWA products. If you buy YASKAWA products other than YASKAWA India, then YASKAWA India shall not extend any warranty support or service for those products.

Our Annual & Preventative Maintenance program provides support and around-the-clock assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Checking Controller Health
Checking Manipulator health
Checking Grease exchange/Replenishment
Measurement of the iron powder concentration
Checking & Cleaning of MotoWeld
Depressurizing after Grease exchange (Dry run)

YASKAWA Academy offers different Robotics training courses including Basic Programming, Advanced Programming, Maintenance, and Customized Training.

In line with industrial roadmap for Industrial Automation, YASKAWA India offer solutions backed by an industry-leading line-up of products addressing towards the requirement from variant industries.

Yaskawa recognised the needs and demands from customers to train and equip their employees with the right skills.

We provide standard training courses for manufacturing engineers and maintenance engineers all contribute to maximising production and profitability.

Understanding basic principles and safe operation boosts confidence and customer feedback has indicated a positive motivational effect leading to increased productivity.

Training Locations:

YASKAWA India offers the training courses at our premises in Gurugram, Chennai, Pune, Gujarat, and Bengaluru, through classroom sessions, machining demonstration and workshop exercises. For larger operations teams, YASKAWA can meet personalized training needs at their own facilities, if required.


2 Days Basic Training Schedule TRAINING RFQ

Our repair services cover Programming Pendant & WPS Repairing. Whether your product is under warranty or out of warranty, our repair experts are trained to take corrective action and provide recommendation to adapt to your individual requirements.

Our repair team will help you to evaluate your products before performing any repair work, so you’re guaranteed to repair what is necessary. This will keep costs as low as possible resulting in the best service for the best price.

Features and Benefits

Minimize machine downtime
Repair and failure investigation and testing
Quick, reliable, and cost efficient
We do provide retrofit solution of industrial robots, which means no need to change robot hardware, wiring, vision system, or end effector. We will do robotic controls upgrade and simply replace the old controls unit with a modern one.

How Does Our Robot Retrofit Solution Work?

Describe your application
Provide robot model
We will provide budgetary pricing
We will provide exact price to retrofit the robot
We will build the cabinet and ship all items to you
Program the robot: We will assist onsite
Success: Robot in production

Teach Pendant Repairing

Teach pendants can be very expensive to replace. Our Pendant repair process is probably a little different than the others you have researched.
We do our best to extending the life of your capital investment can result in higher levels of productivity and profitability.
We offer In-house Teach Pendants repairing of NX100, DX100, and DX200 & YRC1000.

We will get you a quote once it’s evaluated

We have YASKAWA proprietary automated test equipment enabling highest degree of diagnostic accuracy at PCB levels. This offers unmatched superiority over others.
Our huge component level inventory of Genuine Original Parts ensures longevity of repairs and delivers highest MTBF.
Six Months Warranty for Repair Parts.

WPS Repairing

In the unlikely event that a welding system malfunctions, Yaskawa offers fast and dedicated assistance. Yaskawa experts from our repair service provide efficient support – either at the customer’s premises, at Yaskawa site or in the specialist Repair Centre Japan depending on the situation.

Testing of the welding system and all its components to diagnose the fault.
Preparation of a cost estimate.
Execution of a test weld.
Finally, a safety inspection of the welding system is carried out.
Once the safety inspection is complete, a test label is affixed to the system.

“When Required: At 36000 Servo Hours Your robot is overhauled in-house at YASKAWA”

YASKAWA robot is at the heart of your existing production line. That is why we do our utmost to ensure that you enjoy the assurance of reliable production. Our overhaul program is designed to offer you this Ultimate assurance.

Manipulator & Controller Overhauling

After many years of operation, mechanisms start to wear down by nature. This common situation, however, can lead to a critical break-down and result in a cost-demanding repair. What can stop the machines from wearing down and failing? The answer is overhauling of the MANIPULATOR & CONTROLLER.

Manipulator Overhauling Controller Overhauling
Inspection of all necessary bearings and gear units Inspection of all wearing parts such as fans and ventilators
Grease analysis Cable and PP replacement or repair
Harness analysis Software and hardware diagnosis
ABS data calculation and robot Calibration Optional software update
Manipulator Battery Test Controller Battery Test
24-hour test run 24-hour test run

Benefits of Overhauling:

Extended life length
Increased performance

Stages of Robot Overhauling:


Wrist-Unit Overhauling

Yaskawa provides the facility of wrist unit overhauling specially for paint Robots to prevent the breakdown caused by backlash in wrist gears.

Adjustment of backlash within the permissible limit
Cleaning of paint fumes from wrist
Removal of play between gears
Prevents premature breakage of gears of wrist
Keeps the gears running smooth

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